We did it, Boston! Together, we moved ten million miles! In April 2012, Mayor Thomas ZumbaM. Menino challenged Bostonians to get moving toward better health and wellness by increasing access to free and low-cost activities and healthy living resources throughout the city. Through city-wide events, such as Zumba classes on City Hall Plaza, workplace wellness programs, and school wide fitness challenges for students, Boston has moved millions of miles, fulfilling the Mayor’s goal and increasing the overall health of the city. Congratulations!

Throughout the city, individuals and organizations took steps toward better health thanks to the Mayor’s challenge and the classes offered through BPHC and our partners. One such organization, Harbor Health Services, Inc. engaged their entire staff in the wellness goal by challenging them to walk almost 60,000 steps – the equivalent of Mount Everest. wow8Breaking into teams and donning pedometers, each staff member recorded their weekly steps. Then, the Working On Wellness (WOW) Team, a group of employees dedicated to staff fitness, translated the total steps into how far each team has trekked up Mount Everest. The teams recently celebrated their achievements at Neponset Health Center and Geiger Gibson Community Health Center with healthy snack options. This, and other programs like it throughout Boston helped us reach our goal and but more importantly, increase health and physical activity for those who live and work in Boston.

The Boston Moves for Health initiative is made possible by the great partner organizations that not only helped organize classes and activities, but also shared in striving toward our ambitious goal. Special thanks to Beantown Bootcamp, Boston Sports Club, Ultimate Bootcamp, and the Hyde Park YMCA, who organized bootcamp classes, and Z Spot Zumba and the East Boston YMCA for sharing their Zumba and Pilates expertise with the Boston communities this summer.

Although we’ve hit our goal of ten millions miles, Boston keeps moving. The Community Calendar from Boston Moves for Health continues to offer many great free or low-cost fitness options, such as the South End Fitness Center’s yoga class, which meets every Tuesday and Friday morning from 7 to 8 AM. Or, find the closest park to you, and take the first step toward the next ten million miles.

The Boston Public Health Commission will be tweeting upcoming classes from @HealthyBoston, #BostonMoves. No advanced sign-up is necessary, and drop-ins are welcome.