September 28th is Family Health and Fitness Day, which is a national event that focuses on health and fitness for families. To help families celebrate this occasion, we have listed several activities that are available throughout Boston.

Franklin Park:
Franklin Park is Boston’s backyard. It’s close to many neighborhoods, accessible by bus, train, and car or it’s not a bad walk if you live nearby. Franklin Park has many things to offer: the Zoo is free for children under the age of two, there are tennis and basketball courts located close to White Stadium, there is a renovated open field next to White Stadium where the whole family can run wild (you can make a date out of this and have a picnic!), there are also many trails that you can follow and go hiking. There are numerous possibilities at Franklin Park that are great for the whole family. Be sure to check out the Franklin Park Coalition website to find out what else is happening in Franklin Park.

Family Friendly Games:
Hide-and-go seek: A timeless classic that children and adults love to play. Take a walk to your local park or playground, find a ‘home base’ and have fun. This is a great way to stay active without thinking about it. It’s a no cost physical activity that the whole family can enjoy.

Tag: The game of Tag is another playground classic that will get family members of all ages up and moving. You identify a person who is “it”, and their job is to try to tag everyone else. You can play this with as little as two people are with a large group. Either way you’ll have a great time.

Clean the house:
WHo really likes to clean? As a unit through, the tedious task can get completed that much faster, and in the cold winter months, you always have the option of staying inside to tackles those chores. The act of cleaning will keep the whole family moving and will also act as an additional benefit of keeping your home spotless. Little kids tend to love helping out when it comes to cleaning; sweeping, washing dishes, dusting, folding clothes, etc., are all great activities for young ones to engage in, while also teaching responisbility and burning calories. Older children may resent doing any house cleaning and may not consider it to be fun, but make a game out of it and they might just get into it.

Rake the yard: Fall is a wonderful season to get outside to clear out your yard. Children often enjoy helping when itforyoutube1 comes to raking the yard. Make it a game with the kids – pile up the leaves and then jump in!  You’re having fun and getting in some physical activity.

Other Options:
Visit the Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival, go apple picking, walk the Freedom Trail or just around your neighborhood, visit your local community center or a YMCA branch ($0 joiner fee for the month of September – get moving!). Always check out our Boston Moves for Health Community Calendar for events available in your community.