This is the eighth and final feature in our Water Wednesday blog series. Still want to talk water? Tweet us @HealthyBoston #LoveThatBostonWater.


Happy Water Wednesday, Boston!

This will be our last blog post for our Water Wednesday series, so we wanted to say thank you to everyone who followed us this summer, and share some final thoughts about the campaign:

    • Over the past several years, a rise in sugary beverage consumption has contributed to a rise in obesity rates, creating in a significant public health concern. The goal of this campaign was to encourage people to drink more tap water and less sugary beverages.
    • Perceptions and culture play a large role in changing behavior. For example, many people thought that bottled water was safer than tap water, because they could not drink tap water in other countries. A campaign must understand and respect these principles in order to be successful and effective. We focused our campaign on the quality, safety and low-cost of consuming Boston’s tap water.
    • Large multi-billion dollar corporations use creative and catchy ads to lure more people into buying their products, even though they may not be healthy. Not surprisingly, these ads are seen  more frequently in low-income, minority neighborhoods—populations that already face a higher burden of health problems. A successful public health campaign must address these issues.

We also wanted to share some of the highlights from our campaign:

    • “Started from the Quabbin”– Boston water originates from the beautiful and pristine Quabbin Reservoir, located 65 miles west of Boston. The tap water is treated at several  locations along this route to ensure the safety, quality and taste of your  water. Check out the video that follows tap water’s path from the source  to your faucet here!
    • “Test the Tap!”  Challenge– We traveled to several events city-wide for our blind taste test. We wanted to know if more people prefer bottled water or tap water. Our video was  featured by Boston Magazine! Check out the results here!
    • Poster Campaign– We created posters to encourage people to drink tap water. Be on the lookout for our different  water posters that will be placed above water fountains in several organizations city-wide very shortly.
    • Water Wednesday– Our weekly Water Wednesday tweets and blog posts were a success!

We hope you learned some new facts about Boston’s water and the benefits of drinking water over sugary beverages that you can share with all your friends and family. We also hope that our campaign has given you the knowledge to be healthier and wiser about what you drink. Thanks for following us, and always remember to #LoveThatBostonWater!

Jazz Vakhshoorzadeh is an intern at the Boston Public Health Commission.