By: Jazz Vakhshoorzadeh

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Happy Water Wednesday, Boston!

We always hear those around us saying “You are what you eat.” But, have you been eating healthy foods, and still can’t seem lose as much weight as you wanted to?fruit_punch

Being healthy and fit takes more than just watching what you eat. It also means that you have to make the right choices for what you drink. And for those of you with children, it means that you have to make the right choices for both your children and yourself.

 One way you can be healthier is to eliminate processed beverages with added sugar, such as regular soda, fruit drinks, sports drinks (such as Gatorade and Powerade), sweetened teas, and energy drinks from your diet. These drinks have lots of sugar and calories, but no nutritional value. Consuming one sugary drink a day adds an extra 300 empty calories a day to your diet. Over the course of a year, this can result in gaining an additional 25 pounds per year, which increases your risk of obesity, Type II diabetes and heart disease. Additionally, consumption of sugary beverages can double your risk of developing dental cavities and tooth decay.

 Substituting tap water in place of these sugary beverages can have a variety of positive changes for your health and overall well-being because:

  1. There is no sugar or calories in water, so you can drink as much as you want, guilt-free!
  2. It quenches your thirst, keeps your body hydrated, and supports other body functions necessary for overall health.
  3. It helps to increase energy levels.
  4. It increases metabolism and regulates appetite, helping you lose weight!
  5. It keeps your skin looking good, and regulates maintains fluid balance in your body.
  6. It is significantly cheaper than sugary beverages, so you will have more money to spend on buying fruits and vegetables!

You may be wondering, if tap water is the healthier option, how did sugary beverages become popular in our culture?  The answer: successful advertising from multi-billion dollar corporations.

So, be smarter than the biggest marketing firms. Don’t let the multi-billion dollar companies fool you with their elaborate advertisements that convince people to buy their sugary beverages. Choose tap water instead. You will be healthier, richer, and can smile even bigger. And remember, you are what you eat and drink.
For more information, visit our SugarSmarts webpage.

Jazz is an intern at the Boston Public Health Commission.