By Sonal Parmar

The heat wave may be over outside, but the inside of your car can still be really hot.

heatDo you know that the Weather Channel recently reported that on a 90°F day, the inside of a car can reach 119°F in just 20 minutes?  Even in cooler weather, the inside of a car can reach life-threatening temperatures in a matter of minutes.  Since a young child’s body heats up 3 to 5 times faster than an adult’s, leaving a child in a car, even for a few minutes, can be dangerous.  The Boston Public Health Commission and Safe Kids Boston would like to remind you to ACT using the following tips to prevent heatstroke in children:

A: Avoid heatstroke by never leaving children alone in a car. Lock car doors so kids can’t get in on their own.

C: Create reminders that your child is in the backseat by putting something you’ll need at your final destination in  the back of your car.  Purses, briefcases, or cell phones are all great examples.

T: Take action!  Call 911 if you see a child alone in a car.  You may save a life.

Please visit our website, contact or call 617-534-5197 for more information on injury prevention and heat and passenger safety.


Sonal Parmar is a program coordinator for the Injury Prevention Program at the Boston Public Health Commission. Recently she blogged about keeping kids safe at home.