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By Josh Das, guest blogger

shutterstock_140178940Starting this week, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) will begin to mail its Annual Water Quality Report to every household in the Boston area.  Look for the report titled “Drink Local/Drink Tap” with a picture of the Quabbin Reservoir.  You can also view reports for Boston and surrounding cities and towns on the MWRA’s website.

The report is like a nutrition label for your tap water.  It lets you know where your water comes from, how it is treated and delivered, and the steps we take to ensure its quality.  And the news for your water is once again good: the hundreds of thousands of tests taken during the year confirm that the quality of the MWRA’s water is excellent!  For 2012, the MWRA met every federal and state drinking water standard.

Important information on how to reduce the risk of lead in drinking water is also included. Although the water itself is lead-free, lead can get into tap water through household plumbing. The MWRA adjusts the water to reduce possible corrosion from this plumbing, and the results have been excellent.  System-wide, the MWRA has been below the Lead Action Level for the past nine years.

Tap water is both the smart choice and green choice.  Your tap water is tested more than bottled water, comes from pristine reservoirs, is delivered straight to your home, and is environmentally friendly.  All for less than a penny per gallon!

Keep a look-out for the report in your mail or open it up on your computer, and please take a moment to read through and learn more about your tap water.

A Spanish-language report is available here:

If you would like a large print version, please call 617-242-5323.

Josh Das is the Project Manager for Public Health at the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.