Guest blogger Candace Lavin

One in 10 people in Massachusetts have asthma. The Breath of Life Dorchester (BOLD) Teens know this fact all too well, which is why they have joined the American Lung Association in working to protect those with asthma by making the air we breathe cleaner and healthier.

The BOLD Teens is a youth-led organization which focuses on environmental and social justice by addressing the health and safety concerns of their community. As members of the American Lung Association’s Massachusetts Healthy Air Campaign, they work on issues such as supporting the reduction of pollutants emitted from coal-burning power plants to vehicle exhaust. Air pollution has been scientifically linked to increased asthma attacks, heart attacks, strokes, and even premature death.

To help make a point about the link between asthma and air pollution, the BOLD Teens created this YouTube video, which was produced by Elena Guy, a communications major at Northeastern University.

Candace Lavin works with the American Lung Association’s Massachusetts Healthy Air Campaign.