PrintBy Meghan Hamrock

Earth Day allows us to reflect on how we can be environmentally healthy in our habits and daily routines. Today, Monday, April 22, is that day!

Not sure how to be environmentally friendly this year?

You may know that just by walking, you can change the environment for the better.  Moving more – and I don’t mean by car – is one way to positively impact the health of the world around you.

Take, for example, rush hour. You could sit in traffic in a car, OR you could walk to work or to a public transportation stop. Not only will you increase the number of steps you take in a day, but you will also have an environmentally-friendly commute with less air and noise pollution. Even driving less than five miles can create enough pollution to cause negative health effects.

So, aside from helping the environment, what can walking do for YOU? Walking is a great way to reduce your risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes, increase your bone strength, and help control your weight. Of course, this is all while improving your muscle tone and fitness level. Don’t worry, even walking short distances has been shown to help, too!

With the weather getting warmer and nature brightening up, the time to get physically active is now! The Community Calendar from Boston Moves for Health offers many great free or low-cost physical activity options, such as the Dorchester Walking Club, which meets every Friday from 12-1pm. Or, find the closest park to you to walk for a healthier you and make every day Earth Day!

Meghan Hamrock is the Boston Moves for Health graduate intern. If you can’t find her at her desk, she is probably walking the halls or taking the stairs in order to be as physically active as possible throughout the day!