By Mary Bovenzi

Sneaking a little fitness and health into your daily routine takes just a few small changes. Need some inspiration? Check out our new video:


Boston Moves for Health has started a new worksite wellness program. To launch the program, we are also holding a 4-week team-based physical activity challenge. Any and all employers in Boston are invited to participate so sign up your workplace!

The challenge is for teams of 5-8 people to virtually walk the distance from Boston to Miami. It is called the Boston Moves for Health Race to the Beach challenge. The materials you need to promote, implement and track the challenge are in the toolkit, at All you will need are pedometers for your employees and a point person to coordinate the challenge.

Please email us at for more details and to sign up!

Or, you can download the toolkit that explains the benefits of worksite wellness for your organization and provides free or low-cost program and policy ideas to promote physical activity, healthy eating, smoking cessation, and breastfeeding support for new mothers in the workplace.

See you at the beach!

Mary is a public health prevention specialist with our Division of Chronic Disease Prevention.