By Aileen Shen

presents2012What toy will he like? What toy should I get her? Will he play with it? Can I get it online? Is it cheaper online? Do I have enough time to order it? These are some of the questions people think about around the holidays.

But don’t forget to ask, “How safe is it?”

With more and more presents bought online each year – and nearly half of shoppers looking to buy online this year – it is more important than ever to be alert about the safety of toys bought online.

WATCH (World Against Toys that Cause Harm) researches toy safety and found that internet shoppers are often provided with less product safety information than in-store shoppers. They also found that online information may be inconsistent with labeling given by manufacturers. And since internet buyers are not able to touch, feel, and inspect toys before purchase, these shoppers count on online descriptions.

WATCH has come up with a list of toys that may have safety concerns. Many of them are described incorrectly online, while others are not safe for any age.

If you purchase toys online, be sure to double check the manufacturer labeling to make sure they are age appropriate, safe, and meet safety expectations when you get them.

You can refer to last year’s blog post to learn what is age appropriate.

Know what you are giving and only buy toys online with caution.  Have a fun and safe holiday!

Aileen Shen is the director of the Injury Prevention Program and enjoys running and biking in her free time. Click here to learn more about the Injury Prevention Program.