By Dr. Deborah Allen

Today and in the days ahead, our thoughts are with the victims, family members, and community in Newtown, Connecticut, as they grieve the loss of 20 young children and seven caring adults.

As we mourn the deaths of these beautiful children, teachers, and school administrators, it’s important to remember that tragedies like this affect everyone in different ways, especially children.

Gloria Weekes, Lead Family Partner with the Commission’s Early Childhood Mental Health program, spoke with Lizzie McEnany, Psy.D., of Jewish Family and Children’s Services, about how to help younger kids cope. Listen to their conversation.

In addition, here are some resources we recommend for parents and caregivers:

Parent Guidelines for Helping Youth after the Recent Shooting

Psychological Impact of the Recent Shooting

Talking to Children about the Shooting

Age-Related Reactions to a Traumatic Event

If you have further questions or are concerned that your child is having difficulty coping, please call your pediatrician or health care provider for additional support. If you don’t have a health care provider, the Mayor’s Health Line can help connect you to services. Call 617-534-5050.

Dr. Allen is the director of the Bureau of Child, Adolescent, and Family Health. Read more about her work here.