By Jennifer Mehigan

Last evening, Boston EMS received an emergency call from a woman concerned of the well-being of her son and not knowing his whereabouts. Believing the person in question was in need of medical attention, Boston EMS Lieutenant Joseph Thomas gathered as much information as possible before working with various cell phone companies to attempt to locate the patient’s cell phone. Once the coordinates of the phone were established, it was determined the cell phone was at an address in Weymouth. Lt. Thomas then notified Weymouth Police who located the patient and had him transported to local hospital by Fallon Ambulance. Lt. Thomas then spoke again to the patient’s mother to notify her that the patient was found and was being transported to hospital.

Boston EMS is extremely proud of Lt. Thomas for making the efforts to go above and beyond. His diligent work on this case assured the location of the patient and that he received necessary medical attention. Lt. Thomas has been with Boston EMS for 26 years, he is currently stationed at Dispatch Operations.

Jennifer is the director of media relations for Boston EMS. EMS is a department of the Boston Public Health Commission.