By Sonal Parmar

Window safety and fall prevention were spotlighted when Governor Patrick declared August 2012 Window Safety Month throughout Massachusetts. This official statement marks an exciting step forward in educating the public about the dangers of open windows to children.

The proclamation helps spread the word about window falls prevention, a cause Mayor Thomas M. Menino and BPHC Executive Director, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, have championed throughout Boston.  Keep reading to learn more about this proclamation and what you can do to protect your kids from window falls.

How will this help keep kids safe?

By declaring August 2012 as Window Safety Month, Governor Patrick sparked media interest in window safety throughout Massachusetts. This attention and awareness helps keep people informed on how to prevent window falls.

The proclamation also mentioned BPHC’s Kids Can’t Fly Campaign, a program developed to educate families on window fall prevention and promote the use of child safety window guards.

What can I do to protect my kids?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “knowledge is power.”  Well, this holds especially true when working to prevent injuries.

Educating yourself and others is one of the first steps in working to keep kids happy, healthy, and safe. One of the most important things to do to prevent window falls is to keep a close watch over kids.

Follow these additional safety tips to prevent window falls:

  • Lock all unopened windows and doors
  • Keep furniture or anything a child can climb on away from windows
  • Open windows form the top, not the bottom
  • Install child safety window guards

Visit BPHC’s Injury Prevention Program website for more information on window falls prevention and other great safety tips!

Want to learn the proper way to install window guards in your home?  Watch a training video for window guard installation in English or Spanish.

Sonal is the Injury Prevention Program Coordinator. She’s been with BPHC for six months.