Interview by Katinka Podmaniczky

If you’ve heard of Mayor Menino’s Boston Moves for Health initiative, you know what José F. Massó has been up to recently. José is the new program’s manager, and has been working tirelessly with a team of BPHC colleagues to get Bostonians excited and involved.

KP: What is Boston Moves for Health?

JM: BMH is an effort to improve access to free and low-cost physical activities and healthy living resources throughout Boston. By doing so, we can improve the health and wellness of our residents. And because everyone likes a little challenge, we’ve set a goal to lose one million pounds and move ten million miles collectively as a city.

KP: What makes this a different and exciting initiative?

JM: What’s so exciting about BMH is that it’s not just a typical weight loss program. It’s designed to offer a whole variety of resources for people who want to get out, get active, and get – or stay – healthy. And, since we know that keeping up those resolutions can be challenging if you try to do it alone, we’ve created an online community to help and support each other.

KP: I bet you don’t have a “typical day,” but what kinds of things do you do as program manager?

JM: I connect with many community members, leaders that can assist in getting the word out about BMH. I respond to the many inquiries that have been received regarding how people can get involved on an individual or organizational level. I also work closely with our internal working group, that consists of Intergovernmental Relations, Communications, and our Chronic Disease dapartment, on how we can further the movement.

KP: What would you tell someone who is thinking about signing up for Boston Moves for Health?

JM: Why not give it a try?! It’s free and easy, just go to You can even sign in using your Facebook username and password. You’ll find healthy living resources, and a calendar with many free and low-cost active events around the city. Plus you can keep track of your activity, challenge your friends to join, and contribute to the running tally to lose one million pounds and move ten million miles.

KP: How do you move for health?

JM: I enjoy swimming. I often get to the pool 2-3 times a week. I like to bike ride and walk. Walking is something I do daily. It’s free and I can do it anywhere. I also have two little girls that keep me moving, chasing after them is usually a good workout.

Katinka is the assistant director of communications.