By Jennifer Mehigan

In preparation for National EMS Week – May 20-26, Boston EMS is creating a “Thank You EMS!” photo montage to show our staff how much their tireless work is appreciated. We want to get as many photos as possible of groups and individuals holding a sign that simply says, “Thank you EMS!”

The men and women of Boston EMS, as well as other EMS agencies throughout the country, work hard every day to not only save lives, but also serve the public in numerous ways. We teach your community CPR, install children’s car seats, help ensure the city is safe, promote blood and organ donation, encourage seasonal safety, and much more.

Why a “Thank you EMS!” photo slideshow? Simple answer – our staff do tremendous work and get outstanding patient satisfaction reviews, but rarely receive the depth of appreciation they deserve. They often see their patients at their worst moments – while in pain or some sort of discomfort, where, understandably, showing appreciation isn’t a priority. A photo slideshow of people taking the time to thank them for what they do every day would mean so much. We hope it serves to motivate and inspire them.

Want to get involved? Send your “Thank you EMS!” picture to

Jennifer Mehigan is the director of media relations for Boston Emergency Medical Services.