By Lisa Conley

Tomorrow, Thursday, December 15, the Boston Public Health Commission will join other public health and health care organizations across the country in a national day of action to let lawmakers know the importance of the Prevention and Public Health Fund.  The fund, which provides up to $15 billion for public health over the next 10 years, is in serious danger of being cut or eliminated completely.  We need YOUR HELP to help convince our elected officials in Congress to do everything in their power to protect this fund.

Please join us in contacting your senators and representatives tomorrow to ask them to support the Prevention and Public Health Fund to ensure that this dedicated funding for disease prevention activities and public health improvement is available for years to come.


What can you do to help?

  •  Call your legislators!  Go to this NACCHO site and plug in your zip code.  You will automatically be given contact info for your legislators and talking points to guide the conversation. 
  • Send an email to your legislators!  Go to this APHA site to send a form letter to your representatives and senators.  Personalize it as much as possible for maximum effect.
  • Tell your friends to do the same!  Forward this information to others who might be interested in protecting public health funding.  Tweet it, Facebook it, and link to this blog post.
  • Learn more about how this fund has already helped Massachusetts by visiting this site and read below for more background on the fund.

Together we can save this valuable source of public health funding!

Click here to send yourself a REMINDER to act tomorrow.


More about the fund:

The Prevention and Public Health Fund was created as part of the Affordable Care Act to provide a reliable stream of funding for community prevention activities. With already shrinking state and federal budgets, elimination of the Fund would only further endanger funding for critical public health initiatives. Below is the FY 2012 Senate Labor-HHS allocation of selected federal public health programs as part of the $1 billion total available for the Prevention and Public Health Fund:

Program FY 2012 Senate
Community Transformation Grants $280,000,000
Immunization $150,000,000
Tobacco control and cessation programs $110,000,000
Epidemiology and lab capacity $40,000,000
Prevention of healthcare associated infections $12,000,000
Public Health infrastructure grants $40,000,000
Public Health Workforce $25,000,000

Lisa Conley is the director of Intergovernmental Relations & Public Health Advocacy.